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Get to Know Some of the Very Common Cat Illnesses and Understand the Ways of Preventing Them

A cat person really knows that even the very pampered cat would like to enforce their independence every time. Well, respecting their instinctual self-maintenance can be quite important but you must also know when and how to support one’s well-being. All the cats out there are surely susceptible to those common feline diseases but there are those that are a lot more vulnerable as compared to the others. If the cat becomes sick, are you aware of the signs that you should be looking for? The cat illnesses can occur any time and getting to know the beginning signs of the illness may save them.

A lot of the common cat illnesses can actually be prevented when they are caught earlier. This may be hard since the cats do hide pain and illness very well. Though they are showing such cool demeanor, there are still certain illness symptoms that you can look for in your pet. These are among the illnesses and diseases that can definitely put the furry pet in danger.

You should know about the feline lower urinary tract disease which is a common thing among cats and this would affect the bladder and also the urethra. This may be caused by several factors and main cause is obesity and also dry cat food. Other causes would include drastic environmental changes, stress and multi-cat households can increase such chances of FLUTD. Female as well as male cats are also at risk for this disease and ignoring such problem may kill your pet. You must take note of the symptoms such as constant licking of the urinary area, dehydration, blood in the urine, straining when urinating and also not urinating in their litter box. When you are able to notice that your pet is suffering from one of these symptoms, then you should have it checked by the vet to save its life. Such untreated FLUTD could lead to more serious conditions like kidney failure and kidney disease.

The feline colitis is also another problem that you should watch out for. This is the inflammation on the cat’s large intestine. This may last for some days or weeks and will have to depend on how severe this is. While the cause of such feline colitis is not known but the different factors like parasites, stress and also food allergies could surely be contributing factors to such illness. The signs that you may see from your pet include severe gas, trouble excreting or changes in bathroom behavior.

Another problem is lymphoma. This is one really common type of cancer found in cats.

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