Tcs Deputation Agreement

My current company has taken a signed agreement from me in India that limits client membership for at least a year during my assistant in the United States. Can you tell me if there is a way to access the full copy of the assistant contract signed by H1B staff? If you`ve already finished a year, don`t you respond to the assistant`s letter? TCS spokesman Atul Takle said: “The practice of service contracts was once the norm in all businesses. It was only after employees` stock option plans came into effect that they stopped using service contracts,” he said. In fact, I am trying to find out if there is a clause in the agreement that prevents an employee from reaching his client on the spot. (I understand that there may be such an agreement between TCS and the client, but I have tried to understand if there is a similar agreement between staff and TCS). Mr. Takle said that in a stock options plan, the employee actually pays the company for departure, which people say TCS does through the service contract. Hello Anil , clause in my agreement stipulates that employees cannot join the employer within one year after leaving! That`s my concern! Thank you for answering my questions. Br Dear Anil, thank you for your opinion. Such a clause between my employer and the client is not included. However, in my letter as an employer`s assistant, there is such a clause that I cannot reach the client directly at least one year after departure.

I`m worried because I don`t want to be in a situation only if my H1B/L1 is automatically cancelled, and join the customer on H1 due to disputes from my current employer. I spent a year in L1 here. Again, thanks for your expert opinion Definitely, there would be some kind of agreement between the client and TCS, but I don`t think any company would go to court and only ask for it to jump for 1 employee. The client knows the same thing and if he is ready to welcome the employee, there should be no problem.