Long Term Disability Reimbursement Agreement

Paula, in the circumstances you describe, you can certainly contact CIGNA and try to negotiate for the solution you propose. If this is an equal value of the monthly benefits for overpayment, they may be available to your proposal. Although you do not indicate why your right expires in 10 months, note that, while you are entitled, you are still covered by the Subsequent Disability Directive. For example, if your claim ends because you reach a maximum period of 24 months for psychiatric illnesses and during those 10 months, you suffer a disability or illness that may allow you to stay on with the disability and get paid more than 10 months, so that in case CIGNA is accessible to your proposal , keep in mind that if this is done under some form of billing and agreement, you may waive your right to benefit from this additional coverage. You can contact our office at any time and speak to one of the lawyers to answer specific questions about your situation. Long-term disability insurance provides income for workers whose incomes are interrupted by a longer period of disability. However, it is important to recognize that under the conditions of most employer-sponsored LTD plans and many group disability policies, other income benefits (also called in many deductible income policies) are included in the calculation of monthly benefits; And if they are rewarded, they generally result in a reduction in the monthly disability allowance paid by the LTD insurance agency. Other income benefits include disability benefits, disability benefits, disability benefits, disability benefits, disability benefits under certain pension and pension plans, and benefits under another long-term disability policy. Stephanie, you still have legal rights under the directive, whether or not you sign the refund agreement. As far as your policy is concerned, your employer has a legal obligation to provide you with a copy upon request, so if you have not requested a copy from your human resources department, I strongly recommend that you do so. In accordance with the provisions of the LTD policy, the insurance company paid an overpayment of $9,600 to policyholders. Even if the insured did not receive deductible income in the first 18 months in which he or she received LTD benefits, the insured is contractually obliged to repay that money to the insurer. Hello, I was at The Prudential STD for the last six months while I was in the application process for my pension disability.

Three months ago, I was granted disability. Prudential wants me to sign an SSDI recovery form and I want me to apply for SSDI. Do I have to ask SSDI if I don`t want to? I don`t get away with not having SSDI or the small amount of Prudential? My pension is adequate.