Non Disclosure Agreement Alberta Template

(a) to use this confidential information exclusively for other purposes and purposes;b) to ignore this confidential information and not to disclose this confidential information to third parties, with the exception of their employees and consultants, who require confidential information to meet the objective and are subject to limited confidentiality and usage obligations that are at least as protected as those provided for in this agreement;c) to clean up the confidentiality of this confidential information by at least using confidentiality; the same level of effort and measures to protect their own valuable confidential information and, at least economically, reasonable efforts and measures; and (d) to inform the discloser as soon as possible of any unauthorized use or disclosure of this confidential information that the recipient is aware of. This confidentiality agreement (the “Agreement”) is dated to `Date of Effect` and falls between the following terms: Whenever confidential information is to be exchanged between two parties, it is a good place to use a confidentiality or confidentiality agreement. This agreement will help formalize the relationship and create remedies when confidential information is made public. The agreement provides for the disclosure of certain confidential and discloser information to the recipient only for the employment of the recipient (the “purpose”). 5. Mandatory DisclosureThe recipient may disclose the discloser`s confidential information to the extent and to the persons or entities required by law, rule, regulation or order, provided that the recipient: (i) immediately notifies the discloser in writing to the discloser of this disclosure obligation, so that the discloser may request restrictions or derogations from this disclosure obligation. and (ii) at the request of the Discloser, cooperates appropriately in such efforts of the discloser. Please indicate whether only one party or both parties reveal confidential information. The contracting parties sign this agreement on effective Date.________Signature: _______________Title_ information on marketing, products and services: information on marketing or product or service development, such as production processes, research, pricing and billing rules, as well as marketing techniques such as advertising. Employment: when disclosing business, customer or business information to an employee or advisor. . Signature: Name: ________Title: .

. Accounting transactions and information: name and contact information for employees and employers, information on purchases and internal costs, as well as any information on payslips and other financial reports. This agreement can be executed in counterparties, each of which is executed in such a way as to be considered original, and these counterparties together form the same instrument. The delivery by fax or electronic transmission in portable format (PDF) of an exported counterparty of this Agreement is as efficient as the delivery of a counterparty initially exported from this Contract. . a “trade secret” technique or process, tool, mechanism or link, formula, drawing, device or compilation of information used in one`s own business that is known only to the owner and staff who, when making this process, give the company a competitive advantage.