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How to Improve the Size of Your Kitchen

It’s a spacious and comfortable kind of kitchen that you are always dreaming of, being a person who has passion for cooking and loves to stay in the kitchen a long time. If you are heavily concerned about the size of your kitchen, there are solutions you can try. You can collect a great number of kitchen improvement hints and insights from the internet and one of which is how to buy Shaker style cabinets . You must read on if you want to learn how to improve the size of your kitchen by simple and cost-friendly tips and tricks.

How to Make the Most out of Your Kitchen Space

1. Use Functional Furniture

Although this might sound so new to you but the reason why your kitchen often feels so small and constricted is because there are too many items placed without organization. It is considered to be an ideal move removing those items from view and have them stored and arranged in better places. Buy investing in some real quality cabinets that offer extreme storage and organizing functionality like for instance the Shaker style cabinets, you are able to acquire a place where to properly keep your items in. Functional cabinets are great to have because they do not just keep your things inside closed doors but also allow you to better organize them, so you won’t have to scratch your head when you need them in your cooking. And when it comes to aesthetics, Shaker style cabinets are the pick.

2. Save Space through Fridge Magnets

The usual use of fridge magnets is just for attaching announcements and reminders. But did you know that fridge magnets can do more than just that? The truth is that you can get a huge help in terms of space-saving not just from your Shaker style cabinets but also from fridge magnets. For example, magnetic lids allow you to have your spices placed beside your fridge for saving space as well as for accessibility. Buying magnetic strips will provide you with exciting space-saving opportunities. These strips can hold your kitchen utensils like bottle-openers, nut crackers, and others onto a place easy to find and easy to reach.

3. Use Inner Doors

Your Shaker style cabinets are serving a good purpose but how about your other built-in cabinets? If you are thinking of a better place where to put those small-sized utensils that you are just being placed anywhere on the table or on top of the microwave oven, consider looking at the inside doors of your cabinets. Inner door cabinets are recommended for storing pieces of utensils that you haven’t found a good keeping place yet, thereby getting rid of the unwanted clutter that’s responsible for reducing your kitchen size.

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