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Most Common Vehicle Collision Types in the U.S

The number of car accidents occurring on American roads is about six million every year. These car accidents usually range from minor ones that cause minimal to no injuries to major crashes resulting in serious injuries and damages requiring the services of ththis law office The six million car accidents occurring annually is a blend of both minor and major crashes which in most cases leave the involved parties in needs of the services of ththis law office Annual car accidents include both minor crashes that result in minimal damage and injuries, to serious crashes that usually result in serious injuries and even death. The staggering figure shows that car accidents are becoming inescapable. There are many different types of car accidents and the best way to ensure your safety is to learn about them and know how you can avoid them. Here are the common types of car collisions that will leave you requiring the services of ththis law office These are the seven most common types of car accidents.

The first type of car accident common on American roads is the rear-end collision which usually happens at low speed when one driver accidentally runs into the back of another car, and they are usually common at stop signs. Rear-end collision is the scariest type of car accident because it has the element of surprise and although it usually occur at low speed, it can cause serious injuries like whiplash. You will need the services of this law office if you decide to build a case in the aftermath of a rear-end collision.

You might still need the services of ththis law officef you are involved in a sideswiped type of car accident although it is the least serious of the all. The chances of a driver walking away from a sideswipe collision with minor injuries is very high. Side-impact collision kills about eight hundred people daily and it is often caused by over speeding at traffic lights busy streets just because the drivers are not patient enough to wait for the signs instead they are usually hiring ththis law office

The services of ththis law officeill definitely be needed in the aftermath of a head-on collision car accident because it in most cases it will leave at least one person dead because they usually occur at very high speeds. You should try and avoid head-on collision as much as you can since they usually result in fatalities and hiring ththis law office Car accidents can also involve one single car ramming into other objects like trees or buildings and its known as single-car accident.

Another type of car accident you have probably witnessed and is common on American roads is rollover accidents and most of the time they usually involve SUVs because they have high center of gravity and they are increasingly becoming common in America. Multi-vehicle pileups is the worst of them and you will definitely need to hire ththis law officefter this because of the damage caused by all the vehicles involved. Highlighted above are the common types of car accidents on the road and what causes them.

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