Sbi Card Agreement

In the event that the SBI card is voluntarily closed by the cardholder, the points collected from his SBI card account can be redeemed within 30 days of closing, otherwise they will automatically expire. If the SBI card is cancelled for another reason, all accumulated points expire, but may be reinstated at SBICPSL`s discretion if the use of the SBI card is reintroduced. SBICPSL will send the main cardholder the number of points collected immediately before the monthly closing date in the monthly statement of the SBI card account statement. f) Changes to contact information, including your mobile phone number, credit card account are shown in the system to your new and previous contact information. It is recommended to keep your current contact information, including the cell phone number, up to date in our records. 12. Any cardholder who uses the Mastercard Card Offers program, participates in or attempts to use or participate in the Mastercard program, is irrevocably in accordance with the following law: Mastercard is not liable, under a contract, an unlawful act or other legal theory, for any claim relating to loss or damages resulting from the use (or attempted use of) the offer; As a result, the cardholder will not have any claim against Mastercard. At the request of a customer, SBICPSL provides credit card statements, after-sales service requests, payment support, marketing information, card account information and new product information via email. In the event that a customer does not wish SBICPSL to contact sBICPSL by e-mail, the customer may terminate this type of communication by writing to SBICPSL to do so. Registration data and certain other information about you are subject to our privacy policy.

For more information, see our full privacy policy on this website. You can check the latest version of the privacy policy at any time for In the event that the cardholder decides not to pay his balance in full and for all cash advances received by the cardholder until the refund, the financing fee will be paid at the monthly rate of all transactions, including unpaid EMI payments, from the date of the transaction, if the cardholder chooses not to pay his balance in full and for all advances in cash received by the cardholder until they are refunded. When the cardholder makes a partial or no payment of the total amount (DDP) before the payment expires; That is, the client has a balance outstanding from the previous months and the current month the full payment of the total amount due is made before the due date of payment, and then the financial fees are deducted from the balance of the financial statements until the payment date.