Master Services Agreement Eur Lex

(24) The franchise agreement with the serviceMaster standard form contributes, by the combined effect of all provisions, to improving the delivery of the services concerned for the following reasons: (ii) regardless of Plaid`s technical integration or any other purpose of the agreement, it contributes only to its own relationships with secondary investors, including all billing, technical support or related litigation issues, to: b) the client will enter into legally binding written agreements with each secondary investor that comply with this Schedule A and all applicable terms of the agreement, including, but not limited to, sections 1.1 (access) and 1.2 (restrictions); and (c) the customer remains responsible for the compliance of all the terms of the agreement by secondary investors (including, but not limited, to conditions relating to the use of production). The exemption obligations imposed by the client in Section 5 of the agreement include (a) any breach of this Schedule A by the client, b) the acts or omissions of secondary investors and (c) disputes between customers, secondary investors and/or end users related to the disclosure or use of exits, as provided in this Schedule A. 1.2. If Plaid does not expressly agree in writing, the client will allow or assist the following attempts (except as authorized by law), to decompilize, disassemble or otherwise discover the source code, object code or underlying structure, ideas or algorithms of the services; (ii) modify, translate or create derivative works based on services; (iii) to provide or use services or exit services or exits for the benefit of others other than the customer or end-user; (iv) sell, resell, license, sublicensing, distribute, lease or lease services or expenses to third parties in a service office, part-time use or an equivalent offer; (v) publicly disseminating information from each source on the performance of services or services; or (vi) try to create a replacement or similar service by using or accessing services or exit. The client will only use the services and exit in accordance with (a) the rights granted to them, (b) the development policy (available in the case of and (c) the agreements between the Customer and the End Users (for reasons of clarity, including policies or confidentiality statements). In any case, the customer assumes and assumes all responsibilities for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding all customer activities that include services, output data or end-user data. In addition, the client acknowledges and agrees that Plaid is not a “consumer notification agency” or a “bay” of information to consumer reporting agencies, in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and that the expenditure is not a “consumer report” according to FCRA and cannot be used as or in the FCRA. The client assures and guarantees that he will not use the services (including exits) as part of a “consumption report” or that he will not authorize them to third parties, as defined in the FCRA, or that he will use the services (including exit) so that the services (including exit) are considered “consumption reports” in accordance with the FCRA. The Customer will comply with the provisions of any exhibition, addendum or other product or region-specific document, but these provisions will only apply if the Customer uses the service described in this document. (9) The obligation for the franchisee to cease using ServiceMaster`s know-how package after the termination of the contract, unless this package of know-how as a whole has been made public by other means.