Microsoft Office 365 Agreement

This online microsoft subscription agreement exists between the entity you represent or, if you do not name an entity related to a subscription purchase or subscription renewal, individually (“you” or “you”) and Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft,” “we,” “us” or “ours”). It consists of the terms and conditions below as well as online terms of service, SLAs and offer details for your subscription or renewal (together the “contract”). It will come into effect on the date we will confirm your subscription or, if necessary, on the date your subscription is renewed. Keywords are set in section 8. Assistance services for products purchased under this contract are provided by the reseller. B. Confirmation of the license. Proof of your software license is (i) this contract, (ii) any confirmation of order, (iii) documentation that attests to license transfers (for all authorized transfers) and (iv) payment proofs. “portal” refers to the respective websites of online services that are located on, or on another website we identify. one.

Right to use. We grant you the right to access and use online services and install and use the software contained in your subscription, as stated in this Agreement. We reserve all the other rights. 6.1 If the customer decides to pay the annual assistance fee in advance, the contract is billed at the beginning of the contract, then thirty days before the start of each consecutive 12-month support period, unless the customer and the Supplier agree otherwise. If the customer decides to pay a support fee by debit, the fee is billed monthly and the payment by debit is billed by the customer two weeks after the billing date per month. An additional 5% is charged for support contracts that are paid by direct debit (debit services are provided by GoCardless). Your statement of account may view the transaction as GoCardless and not as a 365 policy. (i) for university offers, requirements for educational institutions (including governments or educational institutions, public libraries or public museums) in; (i) By accepting or extending a subscription, you accept the details of the offer for that subscription. Unless otherwise stated in the details of the offer, online services are offered on an “available” basis.