Netskope Service Level Agreement

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN-Edge optimizes WAN-Edge infrastructure to agencies. The EdgeConnect platform delivers optimal network services by providing powerful and reliable access to public cloud services, private data centers and SaaS-based enterprise applications for branches, head offices and users. Integration into netkope Security Cloud offers complementary security services, including a new generation of SWG, an extended CASB, with online protection and API-enabled, as well as comprehensive data protection and threats to users, applications and data on each device and location. These security services are all managed by a single console with instructional controls and intuitive reporting and dashboards for SaaS, IaaS and Web environments. The integrated Silver Peak and Netskope solution delivers the promise of SASE architecture: a WAN WAN thin branch edge with full cloud deployment. Ensuring SaaS`s performance on the Internet is much more complicated than traditional applications that go through MPLS or a private network. The challenge is that IT managers, even if they can identify the SaaS application, may not be able to improve their performance, given that network performance is essential for SaaS and the Internet does not offer the same level of SLAs as MPLS services. Silver Peak offers a number of advanced features that optimize SaaS application performance on the Internet, including: IP compensation. The licensee will, at its own expense, defend all third-party claims, actions or proceedings against the licensee, to the extent that it is based on the claim that the software, as provided by the licensee and used in connection with the service, constitutes a violation of a valid U.S.

patent or a valid U.S. copyright. The licensee bears all damages, costs and expenses attributed to the third party because of a final judgment against the licensee or the cancellation of this claim negotiated by the licensee, but is not liable for the compromises made without his consent. In order to benefit from such a defence and payment, the licensee must: (i) immediately inform the donor in writing of such a claim and (ii) allow the donor to control the defence and all related transaction negotiations and cooperate fully with the licensee. In the event of notification of an alleged violation or if the licensee believes that such a claim is likely, the licensee has the right to obtain the right to continue the distribution of products, to replace other products or services with similar operating opportunities and/or services, or to modify the product so that it is no longer contrary to a third party or a third party. In the event that none of the above options are commercially viable at the sole discretion of the licensee, the licensee may terminate this ECJ and all associated licences. In the case of such termination, the licensee may, as a sole and exclusive remedy, be reimbursed by Netskope for the fees paid for service subscriptions incurred for the remainder of a subscription period paid in advance by the licensee. This section lists the licensee`s total liability for misappropriation or infringement of intellectual property. The licensee is not responsible for an infringement arising from the Silver Peak Orchestrator, can configure the computer tunnels from any site from the company`s establishment to the newEdge network infrastructure, where the security service provided by Netskope applies granular security controls and increased data and threat protection. IT centralizes management policies that determine how applications are delivered through Orchestrator`s SD-WAN fabric.