Uni Trier Internship Agreement

This event presents products such as companies of different sectors and sizes based on their offers for internships, part-time jobs, doctoral theses, training positions and permanent jobs, etc. in the rhetoral consulting sector. It is the employer`s concern that the trainee is insured by accident insurance. To this end, he can refer to the internship contract proposed by the foreign educational institution or ask the trainee to contact the relevant body of his country of origin to obtain a certificate certifying that it is insured by accident insurance. See here: www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=29715#c66064 More information from the University of Trier on the Corona epidemic: www.uni-trier.de/index.php?id=72266 > As we currently work mainly at The HomeOffice, it is possible to send by email (inscanntuni-trierde), with the exception of all necessary documents (see below). The internship contract is then sent back, if necessary, by e-mail, after reviewing the documents. During the entire internship period, the employer cannot assign internship tasks that require work comparable to that of the employer`s permanent employees. The main purpose of the internship is to provide the trainee with orientation opportunities. The educational institution or school can usually submit a standard internship contract form. An intern in-house who completes an internship as part of his or her school program (compulsory internship) or a non-resident trainee (voluntary or compulsory internship) are exempt from income tax on their allowance paid during the internship. Please send a proposal for a new bilateral agreement or renewal of the binding agreement under the Erasmus or Campus Europae programme directly to faculty or department coordinators at the University of Lodz.

For an established intern who is doing a voluntary internship, the employer is required to deduct the withholding tax on the paid earnings. The intern has the option, under certain conditions, to adjust his tax situation at the end of the year by completing an annual rectification form (or tax return). Voluntary internships are not regulated by an educational institution. The allowance is granted in the form of a lump sum before studies/internships, NOT a monthly scholarship. After your return to Worms, your university will confirm the actual duration of your studies and your scholarship may be recalculated accordingly. Students can also take intensive courses if the language of the destination country is not widespread. Visiteu.daad.de for details. Credits and qualifications acquired during the ERASMUS period are automatically recognized by the University of Worms, as each student signs a learning agreement. The work done during an internship is essentially pedagogical.