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7 Most Stubborn bugs in your Home

Most of us have probably experienced bugs in our homes at some point in time. If you have encountered bugs, they are probably in the list below because below are some of the most common bugs that you will come across in homes. All the bugs mentioned below may not necessarily be in one home at once but it can still happen.

Bedbugs are the first bugs on our list. Bedbugs are not only found in beds despite what the name suggests. You will come across bedbugs in dark corners, wooden parts of the house, beds and even clothes. Most people think that bedbugs are a result of dirt but that is not true because even the cleanest people can have a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs can cling to your clothes if you come into contact with someone whose clothes have them or furniture that is infested. You can hire a pest control company if destroying them yourself proves difficult.
Spiders are other bugs that are commonly found in homes. There are so many species of spiders and depending on your location, you will find a different kind of spiders. Even though spiders are not aggressive as such, if a venomous one were to bite you, it could be nasty.
You will find ants in most homes today. There are many species of ants, for example, the Florida ants which are found in Florida. Since destroying one ant will not be beneficial, you should probably consider destroying the entire colony using the services of a pest control company.
Our list contains termites. Termites can be quite destructive especially to wood. You need to control the termites in your home if at all you wish to avoid any extensive loss and damage to parts of your home.
The next bug on our list is the cockroach which to most, is the most resilient bug seeing how fast they adapt to their surroundings. You may find that if a certain food source is depleted they will find something else to feed on to survive. Seeing that most cockroaches multiply so fast, they could become so hard to control when they become so many.
Ticks cannot miss on our list of common bugs. Lyme disease has been associated with ticks and the symptoms include rash and even flu-like symptoms. Even though ticks are known to attack pets and livestock they can transfer to human beings as well.
Centipedes are the last bug on our list of 7 common bugs. Since centipedes feed on other bugs, once you get rid of other bugs the centipedes will move to look for another food source.
The above mentioned bugs are the bugs most likely to be found in homes today.

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