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How to Prepare Costa Rican Salsa

Most of the sauces came up from the literature that different countries. In most cases, you will find people buying the sauces so they can eat together with their food. Sauce is crucial since they end up adding flavor to the diet. When you use the costa source it has a sweet and salty flavor enhancement in your food. Below here you can read on the best formula to help you make Salsa Lizano recipe in your kitchen.

The moment you taste this sauce, you will never want to have a meal that does not contain the Salsa Lizano sauce. This sauce you can read on how it originated in the early days, and since then people are still using the sauce. The recipe of Salsa Lizano has not changed that much. A version of lizano is vital since it will help you to prepare your Lizano sauce and you can read on where you can buy from the grocery stores near you or even the online retail shops. There is a version bottled of the Lizano sauce that is produced by Unilever. You must read on how to prepare your own Lizano sauce to make sure you can be adjusting the fresh seasoning and use it when clean. In this article, you can read on the way of making the Lizano sauce.

You must read on and purchase and make the ingredients of Salsa Lizano. You must have two seedless chilies. you need to have a cup of water or one that has vegetable stock. You need to have a half a cup of sliced onions that are yellow. There is the need of one carrot minced. You should measure your sugar with a tablespoon, and it is only one tablespoon that you require. You require some squeezed lemon juice and measure it in two spoons. A tablespoon of vinegar is required. You must be having a tablespoon of cumin as you are preparing your sauce. You should consider having a teaspoon of molasses. Measure two teaspoons of the black pepper. Consider having two teaspoons of salt. You have to weigh two spoons of turmeric. Measure a half teaspoon of mustard powder.

Place your container on medium heat. The next step is adding chilies and water. Cook the chili until its tender. When the chili is mild, you have to remove it from the heat. Then all the elements that are remaining you have to place them all into the blender together with the chilies and blend them until they are soft.

When you are making Costa Rica, it is not spicy but you can read on how to add spices yourself.

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