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Dealing with Shoulder Pain Caused by Car Accident

They yearly statistics for car accidents is numbered at six million. These incidences of car accidents have resulted to not more than three million injured people.

If you just had a car accident, you might feel some shoulder pain and that is very normal. It pays to understand the pain first before getting any form of treatment. There can be delays to your recovery if you do not understand the pain clearly.

Shoulder pain after a car accident will be discussed further for your learning. Suggestions for healing your shoulder pain will be given.

Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident Causes

You can either have a strain or sprain on your shoulder if you have some pain in that area. The shoulder blade, upper arm bone, and the collarbone makes up your shoulder. Tendons, ligaments, and muscles keep these three bones in place.

Of the different parts of your body, the shoulder has a great range of mobility. It is susceptible to injuries because of how mobile it is.

If you have some shoulder pain after a car accident then immediately attend to it. There is a problem in your shoulder if it is painful. The doctors are capable of identifying the cause of the pain.

Do not rely on yourself as it will extend the recovery period. Acknowledging that there is something wrong with your shoulder is the first step to address it.

The Usual Car Accident Injuries

Torn rotator cuffs, whiplash, soft tissue injuries are the common car accident injuries.

If you have pain in your neck and back, then you might have a whiplash. The pain due to whiplash can also be felt by your arms and shoulders. Muscle stiffness can be attributed to a whiplash too, which is why you have limited mobility.

Within three months, you will be healed from a whiplash.

A torn rotator cuff happens when there is a tear in the shoulder muscles. This happens when a person is involved in a high impact accident.

Parts that are not bones are called soft tissues. Your tendons, muscles, and ligaments are involved in soft tissue injuries. Accidents that have you just bumped inside the car’s cabin can cause a soft tissue injury.

You can also sustain some fractured bones, sprains, strains, and bruises from a car accident. After the car accident, assess the injuries you have. After that, report to the doctor what injuries those are for further examination.

What You Need to Know Regarding a Frozen Shoulder

You can be oblivious from overusing your shoulder. The outcome is a shoulder with limited motion from ignoring the pain that starts to worsen.

If you do not move your shoulders often the result can be some stiffening in its joints.

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