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Different Welding Methods

There are many types of welders or welding methods with their own benefit and disadvantages. You will find the four basic welding methods below and their applications.

TIG Welding

TIG is short for Tungsten Inert Gas welding and as the name implies, it uses inert gases like helium and argon so that the welded area is protected from atmospheric contamination. If you use a TIG welder, then you will have a high quality and solid weld. Learning and mastering ID welding, however, is a difficult process. But TIG welding balances high quality and easy type of welding. Your best option for aluminum welding is TIG welding. For your welding kit, TIG welder is a good tool to add.

Gas Welding

If you use a gas welder, then you need fuel gases or liquid fuels and oxygen to weld or cut metals. When the environment is not ideal, i.e. when in outdoor areas or windy areas, then gas welding is very useful. Welding produced by a gas welder is not strong or of high quality since heating is slow and affects large areas. You can use gas welding for welding thin materials or when doing simple repairs. The dilution of the base material is minimal.

Electron Beam Welding

Eletron beam welding can join materials using a beam of high velocity. Energy and heat are imparted when electrons collide with the surface. With this type of welding, the highest quality of welding is produced which is exceptionally accurate. Training and equipment can be rather expensive and hard to come by. This type of welding should be used if your welding job needs extreme precision. Nuclear welds and spacecraft use this type of welding.

Plasma Arc Welding

There is a similarity between Plasma Arc Welding and TIG welding but in plasma arc welding, the beam and gas envelope is not allowed to be separated. This type of welding is ideal for tiny areas. This type of welding needs more concentration than other types of welding. The aircraft manufacturing industry uses this type of welding. This method has many benefits because of its high rate of accuracy and can be used with extreme temperatures It also has the ability to create deeper welds.

Stick welding is the most basic type of welding used. Stick welders are ideal for simply and basic welding jobs.

The strongest in the welding market today is TIG compared to other methods. Would-be professional welders would do well to focus on TIG welding because it is the most appealing type of welding method.

Finding the place where there is most work as a welder should be your focus as you start your studies on being a professional welder.

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Various Important Kitchen Tools for your Home

In order to make your kitchen a place that’s easy to work and one that is enjoyable, it is very important to make sure that you have the important kitchen tools and that your have a work surface that’s clean. Like any other workspace, kitchen tools are a must. Some important kitchen tools that you need to have are:

Various Knives

Adding a butcher block which is full of knives is really a good addition to any kitchen. But, you would usually just need three which are the serrated knife, a long chef’s knife that’s about 9″ – 10″ long and a paring knife. Knives are things that you should never buy without holding this first and this needs to feel natural in your hand. Make sure that you buy the best knives which you can afford because this will be able to last for many years.

Cutting Board Additions

It is best if you will have two cutting boards. One of it would be for raw proteins and one is for cooked foods. This is for the purpose of avoiding cross-contamination when cooking. The cutting boards that are made from polyethylene plastic are the ones that are inexpensive. This also is a lot more easier to clean and is more durable. You should go for the one that’s dishwasher-safe.

Measuring Cup and Spoons

It is likewise important that you have a set of measuring cups and spoons. One is for measuring dry ingredients that could be leveled off and the other set must be for measuring liquids.

Cookware Additions

The nonstick skillets also are ideal tools for any beginner cooks. Try to avoid using metal utensils on a non-stick pan because it could scratch the surface and will then affect its non-stick surface. See to it that you get the small and large nonstick skillets.

Different Kind of Utensils

Some of the important kitchen utensils that you should have are the heat-resistant and non-stick spatulas, rolling pin, meat mallet, vegetable peelers, wire whisk, tongs, wooden spoons, ladle and a slotted spoon for the purpose of draining.


It is best that you get a colander that has feet and one that is the right size for your family. Make sure that you get one that will fit with your sink. Visit Office Coffee Service HQ for more kitchen information.

Get Bakewares

You also must not forget to add a 3 quart rectangular and 8 inch square glass baking dishes, baking sheets, pizza pan, 9 x 13 inch baking pan and a roasting pan and rack.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are not just for storing your leftovers because you could use it also to store unused ingredients.