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The Very Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Once a celebrity would be engaged, you would surely be surprised with the amount of the gemstone engagement ring that they get costing several millions of dollars. Since they have so much money to spend, the celebrities are really known to compete with the other celebrities when talking about the size and also the cost of their gemstone engagement ring. But, do you know the price tags of such famous rings? It would be quite interesting to know the very expensive rings and these things will surely blow your mind.

Mariah Carey, who is the diva of all divas, got a dazzling gemstone engagement ring from James Packer, a billionaire. James proposed to Mariah in 2016 with such jaw-dropping 35-carat diamond and platinum ring which was believed to be priced at $6-8 million dollars. Rosado, a New York jeweler, actually designed the ring and made it quite extravagant for the superstar singer. Mariah did joke about it that is was really heavy that she couldn’t easily lift her arm. However, the couple ended their relationship in the year 2016 but she was lucky enough to keep that really big engagement ring.

Elizabeth Taylor also got an expensive gemstone engagement ring. Since she loved jewelry so much, she wrote the book My Love Affair with Jewelry. Her very famous ring got the Elizabeth Taylor diamond which was given to her by Richard Burton in the year 1968. But such is not actually an engagement ring. But what was given to her by Mike Todd was a very beautiful 29.41-carat engagement ring with an emerald-cut diamond that is estimated to be at six million dollars.

Also another very expensive engagement ring is owned by Beyonce and it was Jay-Z who gave it to her and this was an 18-carat emerald-cut diamond ring. Its price was $5 million dollars. Jay-Z and Beyonce later got married in Manhattan in the year 2008 in a private wedding ceremony.

Paris Hilton, on the other hand, got a large 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring for engagement from Paris Latsis in the year 2005 and this was priced at 4.7 million dollars. With that big and heavy engagement ring, she said that it quite hurt her finger. But, the couple split just after a few months. Paris auctioned the engagement ring and sold it for $2 million dollars and the said amount was given to charity to aid with the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Other celebrities surely had their expensive gemstone engagement ring. The shine and the sparkle will really make the relationships, engagements and stories live forever even if the couple didn’t marry in the end.

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