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Staircase Ideas That Are Incredibly Innovative for Small Spaces

More people are moving into smaller houses. There is a belief that small homes encourage a happier lifestyle despite them being cheaper. When it comes to a small house, there is always one huge challenge experienced. They are not spacious. This is not a big challenge, but one has to be creative with ideas on how to make use of every square foot. Staircases are the biggest features that suck up space in the house. A small home needs homeowners to be incredibly innovative with staircase ideas.

Staircase that has storage space is a brilliant idea. Double in your staircase as a storage solution is one of the best ways to utilise a tight space. Install shelves under the steps for books, turn each self into a driver you can put your clothes, or store seasonal items in tacked way under the stair’s cupboard. One way for you to achieve a beautiful feature in your home is turning your staircase into a storage space. Converting staircase into storage spaces will save space, but it will also bring a creative design element.

Installing vertical staircases. A traditional staircase is the same as a vertical staircase the difference is a vertical staircase has a slant that is much steeper. For a better understanding of this, think of stairs which are similar to a ladder but with much stability. Climbing up and down needs to be safer for people hence handrails are necessary. A loft ladder can be used instead of staircases so that space is saved. We have types of loft ladder are readily available in different types. It’s easy for one to find a preferred design of their ladder and not necessarily one that has a traditional look.

You can opt for a ribbon staircase. Normal staircases ribbon staircases are more vertical. When you compare ribbon staircases and vertical staircases, you’ll find that ribbon staircases are not so steep. A person will not feel like they are climbing a ladder when they use ribbon staircases and while they are also important for saving space. Ribbon staircases are an artistic eye-catcher. Ribbon staircases do not like normal steps where each step is like a piece of ribbon candy. The back of every step is left open. This allows light in a room, making it feel more open.

Small spaces can be utilised by the use of floating staircases. There is an observation that floating staircases do not reach the ground but only the bottom step. Floating staircases are usually installed on the wall. Underneath floating staircases, there is space left open. Floating staircases empty space can accommodate pieces of furniture such as coaches, desks, tables and TVs. Small spaces can benefit from the installation of floating stairs.

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